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Quality, technology, comfort and design. Many were the reasons that led you to choose a Felitron headset. So, treat your headset in a special way.

Nobody knows your Felitron headset as well as we do. Your headset is a differentiated product, developed for professional use and therefore requires greater care when it comes to technical assistance.

When you need service, choose an authorized Felitron partner.

Our network of authorized partners has special training to ensure maximum quality in product repair and only use genuine parts and accessories, which guarantee the originality of your headset.

For call centers or corporations that have a large quantity of headsets, Felitron offers special programs that ensure maximum agility in the recovery of the equipment.

For more information about sending equipment for technical assistance or to learn more about the special programs, look for an authorized Felitron partner in your city or contact our SAC – +55 11 4096-5021.

Access Where to Buy and find out which are the Resellers/Distributors that provide technical assistance.


In this section you will learn more about our products, get to know the most commonly used technical terms, the importance of using the correct equipment for each type of application, and much more. If you don’t find what you are looking for, send your question to

Noise Cancelling
A headset model that has a noise-canceling microphone. Felitron models have the letters NC at the end of the name.

Voice Guide
Transmission system with replaceable voice tube. Ideal for use in offices and call centers where the use of the headset is shared by more than one user.

Transmission system with fixed voice tube. Ideal for use in offices and call centers where a headset is available for each user.

The headsets of the Direct line have an innovative amplification system that does not require the use of external amplifiers, allowing the headset to be connected directly to digital telephone terminals. Levels always remain comfortable and within the limits required by the competent agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you can access frequently asked questions about the installation or operation of our products. If you do not find the answer you want, please send an e-mail to

1. How do I change the buzzer level of the S8010 Series?
With the device turned off, click ON to turn it on. Quickly click MUTE, then # and then one of the keys below: If you click on #1, it will be the first tune at low volume. If you click on #2, it will be the first melody at medium volume. And if you click on 3, it will be the same melody at high volume. Use that same reasoning for the second tune, key 4 (low volume), key 5 (medium volume) and key 6 (high volume) and for the third tune, keys 7 (low volume), 8 (medium volume) and 9 (high volume). If you click MUTE, # and the 0 key, there will be no melody.

2. How to set the Flash time of the S8010 Series?
The Flash time setting should be done using the Flash time switch on the back of the phone (1-300mls and 2/3-100mls or 600mls). To set the Flash time to 600mls, besides the switch being positioned in option 2, an internal technical change in the equipment is required, which must be performed by authorized personnel.


All products manufactured, marketed or certified by Felitron are covered by a 12-month warranty (or 24 months for products identified with an extended warranty) from the date of manufacture or purchase.

Services under warranty are limited to the replacement of defective parts failed during normal use of the product.

The warranty will be null and void if the product is damaged by accidents, acts of nature, natural wear and tear of parts, misuse, or disregarding the instructions for use in the accompanying manual.

The owner will be responsible for taking the headset to an authorized repair shop or any other location indicated by Felitron for technical service.

For more information, please contact one of our authorized partners.