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Technical Assistance

Quality, technology, comfort and design. The reasons that led you to choose a Felitron headset are many. For this reason, handle your headset with special care.

Nobody knows your Felitron headset like we do. Your headset is a distinguished product developed for professional use and, for this reason, it needs a higher degree of care when it comes to technical assistance.

Whenever you need technical service, choose a Felitron authorized partner.

Our authorized partner network offers special treatment to ensure the highest quality in the repair of products, and only uses genuine parts and components that preserve the original features of your headset.

For call centers or corporations that use a high number of headsets, Felitron has special program offers to ensure the shortest recovery time for the equipment.

For further information on the dispatch of equipment for technical assistance or to learn more about the special programs, look for a Felitron authorized partner in your town or contact our Customer Service at: +55 11 4096 5021.


In this area, you will learn more about our products, become acquainted with the most frequently used technical terms, the importance of using the equipment suitable for each type of application and much more. If you do not find what you are looking for, send your question to

Noise Cancelling
Headset with noise-cancelling microphone. Felitron headsets with NC microphones have these letters in the product description, for example Epko NC.

Voice Guide
Headsets with replaceable acoustic voice tube for use in Offices and Call Centers where the headsets are shared by users.

Headsets with fixed metallic acoustic tube for use in Offices and Call Centers where the headset is used by only one individual.

Headsets have an innovative amplification system that does not require external amplifiers allowing their use connected directly to digital phones. Transmission and Receive levels are kept comfortable and within required standards.

Frequently-asked questions

Here you can have access to the most frequent questions about the installation or operation of our products. If you cannot find the answer you want, send an email to

1. Changing the level of the S8010 series ring?
– Connect the appliance – Press the mute button – Press # – Pressing a key (1-9) each referred to a key ring and a volume level – If you want to keep ringing momentarily, press 0 – Press the Mute – Unplug the appliance

2. Changing the flash in S8010 Series?
The flash setting will be accomplished through key corresponding to this function, located on the back of the phone (100-300mls) / (2 / 3 – 100mls or 600mls). To setup the flash time in 600mls, and the key to be positioned in the second option, you need a technical amendment to the which should be performed by authorized personnel.


All the products manufactured, marketed or certified by Felitron are covered by a 12-month warranty (or 24 months for products identified with an extended warranty) counted from the manufacturing date or purchase date.

Services under warranty are limited to the replacement of defective parts failed during normal usage of the product.

The warranty will be null or void if the product is damaged by accidents, acts of Nature, natural wear and tear of parts, abusive use, or disregarding usage instructions of the Manual that accompanies the equipment

The owner will be responsible for taking the headset to an authorized repair shop or to any other location indicated by Felitron for the provision of technical services.

For further information contact one of our authorized Partners.