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Bravo series

Bravo Series

Everything you want to hear

Introducing the Bravo Series, a headset line that combines all the features of professional equipment with design and audio quality to enjoy your favorite music.

Bigger and Lighter

With technological innovations that bring more comfort, durability. and audio quality
the Bravo series will enhance your new way of working!

Premium Materials

High-density, super-comfortable earfoams and a side support with exclusive cushioning system developed with double injection of engineering polymers provide the comfort you need on long journeys.


Latest generation chipset with Felitron firmware, for plug and play connection with artificial intelligence technologies, provide the perfect set for you to make your calls and listen to music in the office, home office or wherever you want.

Technological innovations

60mm earfoam coupled with wideband speakers, dual noise-canceling microphone and precisely positioned flexible boom deliver maximum audio quality for your work routine.

Work from wherever you want

Move between the office and other ambients, maintaing professionalism. With larger earpieces, state-of-the-art microphones and passive noise cancellation, you'll be able to make your calls and videos from anywhere, just as if you were in your office.

Product Overview

Lateral Support
with exclusive cushioning system.

with precise positioning adjustment.

ultra-soft high-density earfoam.

60 mm superbass audio drivers with passive noise cancellation.

Flexible boom
and dual noise-canceling microphones.

rubberized kevlar-reinforced cable connected to on-line controller with volume and mute keys.