Bravo X En

Bravo X


Using the Bravo X is a unique experience, designed for those looking for a professional headset with superior audio quality.
With it, you'll be able to spend hours listening to your favorite playlist or on that endless work call,
but always in extreme comfort, together with the award-winning design of the X line.

Much More Technology

Latest generation chipset, embedded with ai technology firmware, for plug and play connection with felitron's artificial intelligence tools,
noise-cancelling microphones, 60 mm diameter auriculars and reduction of passive noise for an immersive sound experience.
Designed fo you to make calls and listen to your music in the office, in your home-office or wherever you desire.

Much More Comfort

Super-soft leather ear cushions with soundproofing are ideal for work environments, ergonomic design and adaptive lateral support,
built with exclusive double-injection engineering polymer technology, all to provide maximum comfort for long journeys.


The details in red of Bravo X are more discreet and bring out the youthful and cool spirit well known in
the headsets of the X Line. The new micro-perforated leather auricular protectors, the combination
of different materials and textures, the matte black cable with a rubberized touch as well as the
exclusive headband pad and the side support present in the monaural version
place the Bravo X at the top of the family of Felitron headsets.