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Technology partners

Cisco systems is a multinational based in San José, California employing 47.000 people all over the world. Cisco is dedicated to the manufacturing and sales of network and communications solutions using routers and switches or through its subsidiaries LinkSys, WebEx, IronPort, and Scientific Atlanta.

Felitron became a Cisco Partner in 2015 allowing all Felitron professional headset solutions with digital, VoIP and wireless technologies to be tested and approved for use with telephone terminals, softphones, and Cisco interfaces and platforms.

This partnership allows the development team of Felitron to work closely with Cisco guaranteeing full integration between the existing solutions and the new products.

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Avaya is a global leader in business communications systems. It supplies Unified Communications, Contact Centers and pertaining services to major companies and organizations in the whole world.

As a worldwide technological partner of the DevConnect program, Felitron’s engineering and new products development teams work closely with Avaya providing customers with total warranty of operational compatibility and maximum performance for the solutions.

All Felitron products are identified with the Avaya seal, and furthermore Felitron’s Engineering Department stores all Application Notes, Compliance Tests & Results, and Letter of Compliances from Avaya which our customers can review at any time. This data guarantees that the Felitron product was tested in the Avaya Test Center in Canada and it has been approved and certified for utilization not only in the countries of origin United States and Brazil, but in every country where Avaya and Felitron offer their products.

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