A new Felitron

A new Felitron

26 de Março de 2019

Betting in innovation, the company is finding a new position in the market, moving its focus on product to focus on customer experience and promising to offer much more than a headset.

There is no argument that the telecommunications sector has changed in past years fueled by the digital transformation that demands new strategies and a disruptive view of the businesses. Looking at this scenery, Felitron decided to reinvent itself attending the market needs with innovation.

With over 32 years of experience and with strong presence in 15 countries of Latin America, the company has been undergoing transformations and promises to offer its customers much more than headsets.

“We have moved from focus on products to focus on customers,” offering products and solutions that will be able to add value to the businesses of our customer, says Leonardo Fioretti, CEO of Felitron.

According to the Executive, headsets will continue to be fundamental for call centers, but they need to evolve also, “become smarter and independent.”

And that is what Felitron has been doing in the past years: large investments in research & development in order to create IoT Experience, a cloud-based solution that turns your headset into an innovative IoT (Internet of Things) device with remote interaction, real time operational data generation and even voice biometry.

These changes led the company to create FLT Lab, a startup with focus in IoT, Business Intelligence, and Analytics.

“Besides the products that we presently offer, FLT Lab will count on a specialized team to support our commercial team as well as customers in the IoT world.”

This new business unit will also develop solutions following the latest tendencies of cloud-based architecture with proprietary connectors, customizable dashboards and modular data base. “We are an exponential company causing strong impact in the business of our customers.”

The objective is to add even more value. The executive emphasizes that Felitron will not abandon its “major strong point” – the quality of its products and the service offered. “Quite the contrary, we are investing to improve this important competitive advantage, which was responsible for the Frost&Sullivan 2017 Award for the major brand of professional headsets in Latina America.”

Know the Felitron

With Italian origin and founded initially with the surname of its idealizer Giovanni FIORETTI, was born in 1986 in São Paulo - Brazil, as a company providing components for the strong telephony industry of that decade.

Get to know the Epko Plus line

Designed with 30 years of experience, the third generation of the Felitron Premium Headset line brings design, ergonomics, comfort and durability innovations.

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