The new look of Felitron

Felitron with a new face

15 February 2019

The new visual identity of the company reflects the new positioning of the brand with focus on customer experience and the integration of its headsets to the new Iot solutions.

Used to follow up the market transformations, Felitron arrives to its 32 years of existence announcing a new positioning. More modern and reflecting new demands, the traditional headset brand concentrates on solutions focused on customer experience. This revolution is reflected on its new visual identity “The changes that are happening in the company and the new solutions offered have changed our identity” says Leonardo Fioretti, CEO of Felitron. He explains that the proposition is to cause impact in the market, rejuvenating and distinguishing Felitron. “The change reinforces this new moment.”

The former logo implied the total focus on audio with sound waves in striking blue and 3-D effects. Now, the 3 sound waves have been maintained, but they now interact symbolizing the integration of audio and data. The sphere is centralized, the tones of blue are lighter and violet has been introduced representing FLT Lab, the business unit with focus on IoT, Business Intelligence, and Analytics.

Another change that represents the new Felitron is the simplified and minimalistic symbolization form that puts the brand more in line with the new world presentation tendencies.

Together with all these changes, Felitron is also launching a new website with the new visual identity of the brand and including FLT Lab. Fioretti states that this new page will bring a new way to communicate with customers using a younger and more direct language. “The customer experience on choosing products will be another innovation in the site. Studies of new tendencies and behaviors guided the building of the site changing the way of presenting the products,” completes the CEO.


Know the Felitron

With Italian origin and founded initially with the surname of its idealizer Giovanni FIORETTI, was born in 1986 in São Paulo - Brazil, as a company providing components for the strong telephony industry of that decade.

Get to know the Epko Plus line

Designed with 30 years of experience, the third generation of the Felitron Premium Headset line brings design, ergonomics, comfort and durability innovations.

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